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Artist: Dilip Tamuli

About Dilip Tamuli

Dilip Tamuli’s extensive research & documentation of the various folk and tribal art forms of entire north-eastern regions enriched his artistic vision and sensitivity as observed in his work.

Dilip Tamuli is a notable graphic artist with international exposure across the European Art Circuit. He is a pioneer of cultural exchange and was the one to introduce Installation Art (the corner of consciousness, 1980) in Assam for the first time. German Expressionism at one point and at another instance, surrealism, corresponds to Dilip’s artistic vision that delves deep into something magical, psychical, and primitivistic.

Tamuli has been working on installations since 1988, starting at the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen, Denmark. Subsequently, he introduced the post-modern form of art in Guwahati in 1990 at the State Art Gallery. His work on Karbi folk culture has been displayed as a standalone exhibit at the Oslo Museum of Norway.

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Local-e-Tea, 3rd floor, City Center Mall.

2nd-14th October.