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The idea behind Local-e-tea came into being in 2014, when a casual tea lover fell in love with the art of brewing tea. Northeast, especially Assam being the major producer of tea varieties proved an empty canvas, ready to be painted with the perfect blends of tea. The everlonging interest in art and subsequent association with other like minded peoole sparked the desire to showcase the art of beverages from the northeast.
The interest in fermentation first yielded homemade kombucha and led the way for other kinds of tea. All of this came together for locál-e-tea to be born.
Local-e-tea was built with a vision of building a sustainable brand by presenting the finer things from the northeast to the world. Local-e-tea is more than tea, art, or kombucha. It is about promoting unique aspects be it food, textiles, craft & artistry.

It takes two to tango and if three come together then it’s a performance. Local-e-tea shall forever remain grateful to tea master Parag Hatibarua and brewmaster Kanishka Dutta who contributed their refined skill set in creating an amazing range of Kombucha flavours.
Our custom tea is specifically brewed according to your preferences and we ensure sustainably at all levels. Our teas are made using sustainable practices and our product packaging is made to be environmentally friendly. Furthermore, we have decided to contribute a major share of profits towards river cleanup projects in the entire north-east India.


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