Commitment Expert Corinne Blum causes People Down the Path to Self-Discovery and Lasting Love

The brief variation: From an early age, Corinne Blum realized she wanted to commit the woman existence to helping people. Turning inward to find exactly what made her very own brain and thoughts tick, she learned that the keys to fostering private development and healthier relationships lay in hooking up using what she phone calls The Authentic personal. Over the past 14 years, Corinne is directing consumers on trips of self-discovery by revealing them just how encounters and real human relationships sculpt the ways they approach existence. Through an array of methods based in both spirituality and research, Corinne provides the tools individuals must develop satisfying bonds by very first understanding how to love and value themselves.


From an earlier age, Corinne Blum had been contemplating self-exploration. At 15, Corinne’s previous stepfather introduced the lady to everyone of reflection, which introduced her interior globe into better focus. But, whenever an accident sidelined the woman professional ballet profession at age 21, she believed an even greater must plunge inwards discover herself. Corinne got a year off from dancing, and, before she understood it, that year had changed into five.

Throughout that time, Corinne started her very own religious trip to see which she ended up being away from realm of party. Today a mother, partner, existence coach, and relationship specialist, Corinne told united states that quest became the catalyst that launched her philosophy of The Genuine Personal.

“we recognized i needed to aid folks in discovering who they are,” she stated. “a huge element of that became relationships as they are such a rigorous and beautiful road to self-discovery.”

Corinne mentioned the woman coaching style is mainly based, in huge component, on what individuals see on their own.

“basically can support somebody in sensation want it’s OK in order for them to be which they are, on all degrees, I quickly feel like i have done my personal job really,” she stated.

Based in London, Corinne has worked with consumers all around the globe. A lot of them are unmarried, expert women in their belated 30s to very early 40s who happen to be wanting to discover by themselves and find someone. Corinne’s internet site ( gives an introduction to the periods and products she offers to individuals and couples.

“There are lots of men and women I’ve caused through their particular whole process — from arriving at myself not experiencing good about themselves as well as their power to bring in a link to next developing a connection, marriage, and having young ones,” she stated. “I’ve seen that whole arc. It is a beautiful thing to observe a person truly changing into just who they truly are and from that place, manifest those things they need in daily life.”

The Philosophy: Uncover Your Authentic personal to get Love

Corinne describes The Authentic Self as whom we really tend to be. It is the substance beneath the goggles and layers we often put on in society. We should eliminate the different face masks we put on and peel away the layers of our minimal self to show our very own Authentic Self and discover really love, Corinne demonstrated.

“Authenticity is actually an integral term for me personally,” she mentioned. “It’s really about experience ok with exactly who we have been. Which is my personal most significant drive behind everything I perform.”

Corinne’s process for self-discovery starts by getting outside of the mind and hooking up together with the human body. This, she explained, is the place in which the wisdom is and also the capacity to heal begins. Permitting get of one’s interior psychological limitations can lead to self-confidence, empowerment, and a feeling of control.

“Some people come to me to work through their particular stuff. They often times feel trapped within by themselves, just as if some thing is incorrect with who they inherently are,” she said. “For this, we simply take them through more of the things I call The Authentic Self Program. Which is about discovering who they are and dealing through their particular restricting values and patterns that they end up caught within.”

Several of Corinne’s consumers seem to be in relationships, nevertheless they want to obtain inner power to aid enhance their unique ties. On the other hand, some customers arrive at the woman intentionally with regard to locating somebody.

“They keep bringing in exactly the same kind of partner that isn’t serving them or perhaps the same form of union that’s not truly doing exercises on their behalf,” she said. “I just take them through an eight-week length of manifesting their unique soulmate.”

Manifesting Your Soulmate begins with the knowing that you need to prevent trying to find “usually the one” and alternatively discover ways to get them. In Corinne’s training course, she guides the woman customers to make the paradigm around while providing resources and visualization to draw a soulmate.

“the initial step, but is actually finding your genuine personal because from that location we are able to bring in just the right method of connection for all of us,” she mentioned. “One that is in positioning with which we truly are and which reflects everything we most deeply desire away from union and life. Ultimately, it becomes much less as to what type of union we wish to draw in and more about which you want to maintain that union.”

Repair Wounds and Empower your self Through Coaching

As a coach, Corinne shows people how exactly to cure the wounds that have been generating uncertainty and uncertainty inside their resides. She told us every day life is a journey where there is nothing one-sided or black-and-white. This is why, she typically combines a meditation instruction method called Theta treatment into the woman strategy as a way to promote leisure and bolster the head, human body, and character. This technique was created by Vianna Stibal in 1995, and, according to Corinne, it offers shown to be beneficial to treating customers holistically.

“i do believe this really is important that whatever i am functioning through with a person is performed both throughout the mindful and subconscious degree because we carry circumstances in both locations,” she mentioned. “I function a large number with taking people in their thoughts and into their human anatomy.”

Theta Healing is actually a healing strategy that works on a subconscious degree, making use of the theta brainwave, which happens just before dropping off to sleep or awakening. Corinne works with her consumers in-person, over the phone, or via Skype to utilize the theta brainwave through a series of commands that ultimately releases and changes restricting viewpoints with good ones.

Various other training practices Corinne implements feature singles and lovers relationship training and working with all the Third Entity, a type of electricity definitely developed when two individuals come together, referred to as the partnership between two different people. Corinne said as soon as the Third Entity is actually known, lovers can be a lot more unbiased when issues arise — leading to a healthy, lasting connection built on a foundation of collaboration and love.

“personally i think like my personal character as helpful tips is to just help men and women and link these to which they are,” she mentioned. “it isn’t like I’m advising people how to live their unique schedules. I’m more connecting them and guiding them to get to know themselves on a deeper, much more genuine degree. It’s an attractive affirmation and reflection when a person returns and claims ‘Wow. That basically altered my entire life.’ It’s hugely rewarding, and it is the thing I positively like about carrying this out work.”

Drive treatment — Move a muscles, Change a Thought

Corinne sees your body as an incredible supply of knowledge definitely oftentimes underutilized. As an old pro dancing dancer, she understands that her body is the woman most crucial tool as well as its productivity is actually action.

She stated without action, both actually and mentally, we’re at a standstill (or we come to be flat). Corinne feels your body recalls upheaval and also the issues and joys of our life. Additionally stores all our recollections — both conscious and subconscious mind — and is also a good barometer for how the audience is experiencing, everything we require, whatever you fear so much, and that which we desire. Inside her Movement treatment sessions, she’s folks focus on calling their health and learning how to feel — versus relying on your mind’s minimal capacity of considering what is noticed.

“If I’m using the services of someone one-on-one, we’ll integrate motion treatment because in my opinion there is lots of wisdom presented in the human body,” she mentioned. “many could work is completed not so much in the brain, but really stepping into your body’s wisdom and connecting with your instinct.”

Benefits associated with motion Therapy include the discharge of tension, anxiety, upheaval, and psychological blockages in addition to supplying grounding, balance, and confidence.

The long term for Corinne: Books and a Radio Show

Over the last 14 many years, Corinne provides helped countless individuals heal wounds in order to find love through her notion of The genuine personal. Nowadays, the connection specialist and life mentor is centering on elevating her youthful child, writing an innovative new guide, and producing a conversational-style radio program.

“I’d love to generate a radio show in which I am able to have an alive discussion with others,” she mentioned. “I write lots on social media, and much regarding the feedback I get is it really is a conversation that individuals are actually contemplating having because i am really susceptible in my posting. “

Corinne told us the program is designed to talk about subjects most are nervous to break — consequently normalizing these subject areas and making them appropriate points of discussion.

As for the book, an important idea, Corinne said, is the rise from the feminine and what it ways to be a female in a patriarchal culture.

“it is more about the rise associated with feminine within all of us and particularly the emerging lady — with a capital W in women — and just how we could connect to these forgotten elements of our selves,” she said. “My personal desire is making use of the commemoration for the prodigal art of this feminine we are going to develop even more stability and balance both within our selves along with the world around us all.”